Fringe Feast #2: Parodies, Puns Pop – “Shakeslesque”

If you’ve never seen a show by Cherry Poppins, this year’s Fringe has a treat you’ll savor.

The troupe, resident at The Three Clubs, has won a name for making interactive comic musical theatre that blends parody and burlesque, at a very high level of showmanship on a very small stage.  Actually, that’s “show-woman-ship,” since the company and its productions
flow from the fertile minds of Alli Miller and Sarah Haworth Hodges.

This midsummer, the daemonic duo has dreamed up a Shakespeare fantasy.  Shakeslesque: To Thine Own Cherry Be True almost beggars description.  (But I’ll try.)

(photo: Daniel J. Sliwa)

It’s an elaborate, rambunctious romp through the fever dream that supposedly gave the Bard his stories.  Stuffed full of horrible puns, it pops parody shots at a huge portion of Shakespeare’s plays and poems.  In two fast-forward hours, it dashes through a daft plot that tangles up countless characters and tales, punctuated by dozens of incredibly well-staged musical numbers, most with disappearing dress.  (And those costumes — innumerable, complex, and perfect.)

Watch for top-of-the-line burlesque dancing, powerhouse singing, constant campy humor, love and sex in all their forms — even the band (led by Sandy Chao Wang) is magic!  And if you don’t fall in love with a fairy or a witch or a prince, you need a drink.  Personally, I was swept away by Kim Dalton’s vocal and comic chops as all three witches … and K. C. Lindley’s genial, snarky, gender-fluid Fuck the Fairy … and Taylor Olshansky’s rock belting … and the way Alli Miller (as Juliewet) and Michael Shaw Fisher (as Willie and King Queer) inhabit the stage with audience-grabbing authority … and … you get the idea.

This kind of madcap fun fest can’t be done better, with higher spirits or more meticulous attention to detail, than Cherry Poppins does it. The standing O was immediate, unanimous, and deserved.

There are two more performances.  Be there!!
Shakeslesque: To Thine Own Cherry Be True, written and directed by Alli Miller and Sarah Haworth Hodges.
Presented by Cherry Poppins Productions, at The Three Clubs, 1123 Vine St., Hollywood 90038.

Wednesday (June 21) at 11:00 pm,
Friday (June 23) at 11:00 pm.

Tickets:  <>